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litter "K" (golden retrievers)

Date of Birth: August 02, 2015.

from Int Ch D.J. for Piter Evidog & Ch Lammin Suo Gabriel

breeder: kennel Lammin Suo

Photoalbum of puppies >>


6 puppies were born in litter "K":

Lammin Suo Kadans (male)

Lammin Suo Kamerton (male)

Lammin Suo Kapris (male)

Lammin Suo Kavatina (female)

Jn Ch Lammin Suo Kantilena (female)

Lammin Suo Kanzona (female)


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International Champion

Champion of Russia, Finland, RKF

Champion of National Golden Retriever Club

D.J. for Piter Evidog  "tatosha"

Champion of Russia

Champion of National Golden Retriever Club

working certificate

lammin suo gabriel "sonja"

Hips: A, Elbows: 0, Eyes: clear

Br.: E.Sikova (kennel "Evidog", Slovakia)

Ow.: T.Sokolova (kennel "Sokolnoe Gnezdo", Russia)

Hips: B, Elbows: 0, Eyes: clear, GR_PRA 1,2 free

Br.: I.Matveeva (kennel "Lammin Suo", Russia)

Ow.: kennel "Lammin Suo"



Photo in 6 weeks


Lammin Suo Kadans /Dens/, Mr Brown


Lammin Suo Kamerton /Martik/, Mr Red


Lammin Suo Kapris /Kapris/, Mr Violet


Lammin Suo Kavatina /Bella/, Ms Orange


Lammin Suo Kantilena /Monika/, Ms Beidge


Lammin Suo Kanzona /Harley/, Ms Yellow









Lammin Suo

Litter "K"

Int Ch, Ch Rus, Fin,

D.J. for Piter Evidog

D.J. for Piter Evidog

HD: A/A, ED: 0/0,

Eyes: clear

Ch Koriander v.d. Beerse Hoeve

Koriander v.d.Beerse Hhoeve

HD: A/A, ED:0, PRA/CAT neg

Ch Xanthos Apple Jack

BVA Hip Score 3:3

Ch Golmas Governor

Xanthos Orange Blossom

Molly v.d. Beerse Hoeve

BVA Hip Score 4:5

Jn Ch Joyous Notning To Declare

Middle For Diddle v.d. Beerse Hoeve

JnCh Excellent Magic is Friendly

Xanthos Dynah Might

HD: B/B, ED: 0

Int Ch Karvin Xtra Friendli

HD: B/B, PRA: negat

Ch Kerrien Raleigh

Goldensmile Joy Of Mine

Int Ch Karvin King Of Magik

HD:B/C, PRA/CAT: negat

Ch Ipcress Sea Quest

Karvin Casablanca

Ch Rus, Club Ch

Lammin Suo Gabriel

Lammin Suo Gabriel

HD: B, ED: 0,

Eyes: GR_PRA 1,2 - clear

Jn Ch Rus, Ch Rus,

Jn Nordic Winner '09

Pinkerly Walpole

Ch Pinkerly Walpole

HD: A, ED: 0, Eyes: clear

Jn Ch Lux Dewmist Servantes

HD: BVA 3-3, ED:0, Eyes: clear

Ch SU, Nu, NORDV-03

Erinderry Gaelic Minstrel

Ch Swe, Pl, Lv, LvW'07

Dewmist Shaquille

Int Ch, Multi Ch
 Pinkerly Kuala Lumpur

Multi Ch.

Taram du Bois de la Rayere

Ch It, Aus, San Marino


Ch Rus, RKF, NKP,

Jn Ch Rus

Lammin Suo Azalea Indica

Ch Lammin Suo Azalea Indica

HD: B, ED: 0, Eyes: clear

Int Ch, Ch Rus, Bel

Rossmix No Secrets

HD: C, Eyes: clear

Int Ch, Ch Fin, S

Rossmix No Regrets


Waiting For You

Ch Rus, Club Ambergold GK Canzone con Amore

HD: A, ED: 0, Eyes: clear

Ch Rus, Pol, Ft-Duck,

Sahib Norsken

Ch Rus, Ft-Duck, Bl.Tr.

Onore D'Alon Gautier


about parents